Traveling by Car in the United States – part 3

Rent a car

Rent a car

Are you going to rent a car? I have some advice for you:

1) The most of the car rental agencies don’t allow to smoke in their cars. If you do it, you will pay a fee (even $200). So if you are a smoker, make sure the company allows to smoke inside the car. Otherwise, do it outside.

2) Some of the vehicles are equipped with DVD players. That could be very useful when you are travelling with kids or teenagers. Turn the movie (or fairy tale) on and the journey won’t be so difficult to your family.

3) Before you take the car from the rental agency, make sure you’ve read the contract properly. If you see anything wrong in it, or with the car – try to negotiate with the company. Keep the copy of contract with you all the time.

4) Before you enter the car, check everything inside and outside the vehicle. Take a picture of all the scratches or damages you’ve found and show it to agency’s personnel. Make sure, they not it down. It’s very important, you will avoid charges for damages, you didn’t cause.

5) Always keep your passport, driving license and the rental car agreement with you. It’s very important if something happen or you are stopped by police. Without driving license, you can even go to the jail.

I hope all my advice will be useful for you. Have a nice trip! :)

Next time, I’m going to mention about rules of the road in the United States of America.

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